Archer Australia

Designed and manufactured by Australian owned company PMD international on their own machines in China.

Archer the choice of professionals who demand an economically priced proven quality saw chain, constant from loop to loop, that gets the job done.

Archer is manufactured from High quality Nickel Alloy Japanese steel this ensures toughness and durability.

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Echo Homelite Husqvarna Jonsered McCulloch Poulan Solo Stihl Replacement Rims
Part Number Description Reference Type
PD5061 Sprocket System .325 7th 513442 Echo
PD5063 Sprocket System 3/8" 7th 21358X Echo
PD5086 Sprocket System 3/8 7th * Echo
SP5058 Sprocket Spur 3/8LP 6th 28000 Echo
SP5061 Sprocket Spur .325 7th 38065X Echo
SP5077 Sprocket Spur 3/8 LP 6th 106906 Echo
SP5077 Sprocket Spur 3/8LP 6th 523524X Echo
SP5111 Spur Sprocket 3/8LP 6th 27958* Homelite
SP5120 Spur Sprocket 3/8" 7th 30681X* Homelite
PD5156 Sprocket System HUSQ/JONSER 26831 Husqvarna
PD5162 Sprocket System 3/8 7TH HUSQ 28094 Husqvarna
PD5172 Sprocket System .325 7TH HUSQ 108215X Husqvarna
PD5173 Sprocket System Husqvarna 108565X Husqvarna
PD5174 Sprocket System .325 7TH HUSQ 29175X Husqvarna
PD5176 Sprocket System 3/8 7TH 34425X Husqvarna
PD5177 Sprocket System 3/8 7TH HUSQ 108565X Husqvarna
PD5180 Sprocket System .325 7TH HUSQ 513472X Husqvarna
PD5181 Sprocket System 3/8 7TH HUSQ 513470X Husqvarna
SP5152 Sprocket Spur .325 7TH HUSQ 106658X Husqvarna
SP5156 Sprocket Spur HUSQ/JONS 32057* Husqvarna
SP5172 Sprocket Spur .325 7TH HUSQ 108308X Husqvarna
SP5179 Spur Sprocket 3/8LP 8TH 522963X Husqvarna
SP5180 Sprocket Spur .325 7TH HUSQ 513471X Husqvarna
SP5182 Sprocket Spur .325 7TH 577331 Husqvarna
SP5183 Spur Sprocket 3/8LP 6TH 513446 Husqvarna
SP5330 Spur Sprocket .325 7TH 41725X Husqvarna
SP5658 Sprocket Spur HUSQVARNA 553995 Husqvarna
PD5242 Sprocket System 3/8 7TH JONS 106593X Jonsered
SP5331 Sprocket Spur 3/8LP 6TH 41569X* Jonsered
PD5270 SYSTEM SPKT-McC 10 Series 68209X McCulloch
SP5269 Sprocket Spur 3/8LP 6TH Mc 29888* McCulloch
SP5378 Sprocket Spur 3/8LP 6TH POULAN 28004* Poulan
SP5380 Sprocket Spur 3/8LP 6TH POULAN 28006* Poulan
SP5391 Sprocket Spur 3/8LP 6TH POULAN 106114 Poulan
SP5395 Sprocket Spur 3/8LP 6TH POULAN 514678 Poulan
SP5474 Spur Sprocket .325 7TH 111435X Solo
PD5515 Sprocket System .325 7TH 111435X Stihl
PD5517 *Use 30384X Sprocket System 30384X (System) Stihl
PD5519 Sprocket System 3/8 7TH STIHL 34162X Stihl
PD5524 Sprocket System 3/8" 7TH 18200X Stihl
PD5536 Sprocket System .325 7TH STIHL 100961X Stihl
PD5538 Sprocket System 3/8 7TH STIHL 38470X Stihl
SP5512 Sprocket Spur 1/4" STIHL MS201 554045X Stihl
SP5515 Sprocket Spur .325 7TH STIHL 100876X* Stihl
SP5517 Sprocket Spur Stihl 028 30384X (System) Stihl
SP5531 Sprocket Spur .404 7TH STIHL 35992X Stihl
SP5535 Sprocket Spur 3/8LP 7TH STIHL 100962X Stihl
SP5536 Sprocket Spur .325 7TH STIHL 106657X Stihl
SP5538 Sprocket Spur 3/8 7TH STIHL 38470X Stihl
SP5547 Spur Sprocket 1/4" 8TH * Stihl
SP5550 Spur Sprocket 1/4 8TH 1250-642-1200 Stihl
SP5551 Spur Sprocket 1/4 8TH 1146-640-2004 Stihl
RSM-325-7 Rim SM7 .325 7th 11892 11892 Replacement Rims
RSM-375-7 Rim SM7 3/8 7th 18720 18720 Replacement Rims
RST-325-9 Rim SM7 .325 9th 13624 13624 Replacement Rims
RST-375-7 Rim SM7 3/8 7th 68210 68210 Replacement Rims
RST-375-8 Rim ST7 3/8 8th 22273 22273 Replacement Rims