Archer Australia

Designed and manufactured by Australian owned company PMD international on their own machines in China.

Archer the choice of professionals who demand an economically priced proven quality saw chain, constant from loop to loop, that gets the job done.

Archer is manufactured from High quality Nickel Alloy Japanese steel this ensures toughness and durability.

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Part Number Description Reference Type
A931P Spark Plug RJ19LM/BR2LM
A935P Spark Plug N9YC/BP6ES (10)
A936P Spark Plug RN11YC/BPR5ES (10)
A941P Spark Plug RC12YC/BCPR5ES (10)
A943P Spark Plug RCJ8Y/BPMR6A (10)
A955P Spark Plug CJ8Y (10)
A956P Spark Plug CJ8/BM6A (10)
A958P Spark Plug RCJ6Y/BPMR7A
A961P Spark Plug J19LM/B2LM