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The Husqvarna K 970 Chain is a gas-driven power cutter with a diamond chain. It is based on the popular K 970 power cutter and includes all of its technical and ergonomic advantages. With a concrete chain saw, you get better access in tight situations, better control and avoid gyro forces which allows for sharp corners without over-cutting. Make up to 15" (390mm) deep cuts from one side. Used in combination with a traditional power cutter to make the initial cuts provides the fastest and most economical technique for deep cutting.

Features Include:


Active Air Filtration™ – For unrivalled cleaning of the intake air
SmartCarb™ Keeps power levels high
Easy Start reduces pull-start forces by 50%
Dura Starter™ increases the life of the starter mechanism
Automatically-lubricated clutch bearing increases product life

    and ensures operation

Easy, tool-free chain tensioning
Easy assembly of bar and chain
Water flow is simple to adjust
Large spray guard
Specially-designed hand protection
Easy cleaning simplifies service and maintenance

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